Faculty: Rios Soto, Karen

Ph.D., 2008, Cornell University

Research Interests:
Mathematical Epidemiology and Ecology, Population Dynamics, Social Dynamics, Spatial Modelling

Teaching Interests:
Calculus, Differential Equations, BioMathematics, Dynamical Systems

Epidemic Spread of Influenza Viruses: The Impact of Transient Populations on Disease Dynamics
Rios-Soto, K.R., Song, B. and Castillo-Chavez, C.
Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering Journal
Volume 8, Number 1 (2011).

Epidemic Spread in Populations at Demographic Equilibrium
Rios-Soto, K.R., Castillo-Chavez, C., Neubert, M., Titi, E.S., and Yakubu, A-A.
Modeling The Dynamics of Human Diseases: Emerging Paradigms
and Challenges. Gumel A. (Chief Editor), Castillo-Chavez, C., Clemence,
D.P. and R.E. Mickens
AMS CONM 410 (2006) 297-309.

Raves, Clubs and, Ecstasy: The Impact of Peer Pressure
Baojun, S., Garsow-Castillo, M., Rios-Soto, K.R., Mejran, M., Henson, L., and Castillo-Chavez, C.
Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering Journal.
Volume 1, Number 3 (2006) 249-266.

Some Remarks on Fitzpatrick and Flynn’s Groebner Basic Technique for Pade Approximations
Little, J.B., Ortiz, D., Ortiz-Rosado, R., Pablo, R., and Rios-Soto, K.R.
Journal of Symbolic Computation 35 (2003) 451-461.

Little, John B.; Ortiz, David; Ortiz-Rosado, Ricardo; Pablo, Rebecca; Ríos-Soto, Karen.Some remarks on Fitzpatrick and Flynns Gröbner basis technique for Padé approximation. J. Symbolic Comput. 35 (2003), no. 4, 451–461.



Office: OF-306

Phone: 6302

Position: Professor


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