Theoretical Statistics and Regression

Most of the topics of this exam are included in the courses Applied Regression, ESMA 6205, and Theoretical Statistics, ESMA 6661.

Topics in Applied Regression:

  • The simple linear regression model, Inference in simple linear regression, residual analysis.
  • Multiple linear regression: model estimation and inference.
  • Anomalies in linear regression and remedial measures.
  • Regression diagnostics for outlier detection as well points of high leverages, residual plots.
  • Transformations in regression: Transformations for normality and constant variance. Weighted least squares.
  • Regression with qualitative variables, regression with categorical predictors, logistic regression.
  • Feature selection in regression: stepwise methods, best subsets methods, criteria for choosing best subsets of predictors.
  • Detecting multicollinearity and remedial measures: Diagnostics for multicollinearity.
  • Ridge regression and principal component analysis to deal with multicollinearity.

Topics in Theoretical Statistics:

  • Random samples: Properties, Distribution, Distribution of the Sum.
  • Moment Generating Functions.
  • Sampling from the Normal Distribution, Order Statistics.
  • Exponential Families, Location-Scale Families.
  • Data Reduction: Sufficiency, Minimal Sufficiency, Ancillary and Complete Statistics.
  • Point Estimation: Method of Moments, MLE, Bayes Estimators, MSE, Best Unbiased Estimators.
  • Interval Estimation: Inverting a Test, Pivotal Quantities, Size and Coverage Probability.
  • Hypothesis Testing: LRT, Bayesian Tests, U-I and I-U Tests, Power Function, Most Powerfull Test, p-Values.
  • Contingency Tables and Goodness-of-Fit.

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