Most of the topics are covered in the undergraduate course MATE 4008, Introduction to Algebraic structures and the graduate course MATE 6201, Abstract Algebra.


  • Integers: basic properties, induction, the Euclidian algorithm, the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic.
  • Rational numbers: construction of rational numbers from integers, relation between integers and rational numbers.
  • Real numbers: brief introduction of their properties and their relation with the rational numbers.
  • Complex numbers: construction of complex numbers using the set of real numbers. Fundamental Theorem of Algebra (knowledge of the proof is not required at this level).
  • Polynomials: division of polynomials, divisibility properties regarding coefficient type: integers, rationals, reals or complex, characterization of irreducible polynomials of real or complex coefficients, roots of polynomials with integer coefficients. Solution of quadratic, cubic and quartic equations.
  • Groups: definition and basic properties, subgroups, cyclic groups, group of permutations, direct products, group homomorphism, normal groups, quotient group and Sylow theorems.
  • Rings: Definition and basic properties, ring of polynomials, domains, ring homomorphisms, maximal and prime ideals, quotient rings, prime and irreducible elements, commutative and Euclidean rings, principal ideals rings, unique factorization.
  • Fields: finite fields, algebraic and transcendental extensions of a field, degree of an algebraic extension. Field extensions using the roots of a polynomial, decomposition fields.


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