Elementary Partial Differential Equations

Most of the topics of this exam are covered in the following courses: Mathematics in Modern Science I (Mate 6675) and Elementary Partial Differential Equations (Mate 6677). Topics:

  • Theory of Fourier series and mathematical validation of the method of separation of variables: Convergence, term-by-term differentiation and integration of Fourier series, applications of the latter to boundary value problems for heat, wave and Laplace equations.
  • Fist order quasi linear equations: Linear transport equation, Burgers equation and method of characteristics.
  • Elementary distribution theory: Test functions and convergence, distributions represented by locally integrable functions and other important distributions, operations on distributions, fundamental solutions of differential operators.
  • Heat (Diffusion) equation: Fundamental solution, initial value problem and uniqueness, Duhamel’s principle, maximum principle.
  • Laplace equation: Harmonic functions, Green’s formula, mean value theorem, maximum principle, Dirichlet and Neumann boundary value problems and uniqueness property, Green’s functions.
  • Wave equation: Initial value problem and uniqueness, Duhamel’s principle, d’Alembert formula: domain of dependence, region of influence.


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