Master in Science in Teaching Mathematics

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has a strong group of professors in Math Education with long success in research and the development of external funded projects. Science, M.S. coursework and requirements are primarily aimed at preparing students for the teaching of mathematics and the research in math education at the pre-college level.

Applicants should have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent. The applicant must have a Puerto Rico high school mathematics teacher certification or instead have 18 credits in mathematics, including advanced courses and 9 credits in education. Candidates are expected to have approved undergraduate courses in statistics, geometry, calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra or number theory.

In addition to the requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies, the Master of Science in teaching mathematics at Secondary Level requires:

1. 30 credits in core courses

  • EDMA 6005 Geometry
  • EDMA 6015 Set Theory and Logic
  • EDMA 6025 Calculus Theory
  • EDMA 6105 Problem solving
  • EDMA 6205 Statistics
  • EDMA 6215 Technology in Mathematics Education
  • EDMA 6225 Modern Algebra
  • EDMA 6991 Topics in Mathematics Education
  • EDMA 6992 Topics in Number Theory
  • EDMA 6993 Project in Mathematics Education

2. 6 credits outside the area of specialization

The requirement of a minimum of two out-of-discipline courses is to ensure cross-disciplinary breadth. The courses must be related to mathematics education and should be chosen in a coherent way. These should be of level 5000 or higher. It is recommended that student choose these courses with the help of their advisor.

List of faculty associated with this track:

Dr. Luis F. Cáceres
Dr. Stan Dziobiak
Dr. Edwin Flórez
Dr. Edgardo Lorenzo
Dr. Victor Ocasio
Dr. Arturo Portnoy
Dr. Olgamary Rivera
Dr. Roberto Rivera
Dr. Pedro Vázquez Urbano
Dr. Uroyoan Walker

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