The purpose of each qualifying exam is to ensure that a graduate student has obtained good communication skills to present mathematical results and ideas in writing; enough mathematical maturity to read, understand and demonstrate creative thinking in that area, and a solid technical background specific to that particular area.

Core courses are scheduled so that a student can take the written examination after his/her first year. The exam is graded using a Pass or Fail system. If a student fails a particular area he must retake the exam in that area. He/she will be allowed to retake it only one more time. If the student is unable to pass that area in his second attempt he/she will be automatically out of the program.

Important: It is the student’s responsibility to cover all the topics of each area.

In the following links you will find a description of each examination area. We have included a list of topics, which represents the major topics of each area. It is understood that you should also know the basic material related to each major topic. We have also included a list of bibliographic references of varying difficulty, some of which include the text books used in class, as well as other important references.

Description of examination areas