Faculty: Rios Soto, Karen

Ph.D., 2008, Cornell University

Research Interests:
Mathematical Epidemiology and Ecology, Population Dynamics, Social Dynamics, Spatial Modelling

Teaching Interests:
Calculus, Differential Equations, BioMathematics, Dynamical Systems

Cost analysis of vaccination in tick-mouse transmission of Lyme disease
Daniel Carrera-Pineyro, Harley Hanes, Adam Litzler, Andrea McCormack, Josean Velazquez-Molina,
Anuj Mubayi, Karen Ríos-Soto, Christopher Kribs
Journal of Theoretical Biology, 494, 110245 (2020)

The variable exponent Bernoulli differential equation
Karen R Ríos-Soto, Carlos E Seda-Damiani, Alejandro Vélez-Santiago
Involve, a Journal of Mathematics 12 (8), 1279-1291 (2019)

A household model of German cockroach infestations and their effects on symptoms of atopic asthma
Amandeep Kaur, Karen Funderburk, Ana Lucía Campaña, Patricia Puente, Karen R Ríos-Soto
Letters of Biomathematics, 6 (2), 1-26 (2019)

Can vaccination save a Zika virus epidemic?
Wencel Valega-Mackenzie, Karen R Ríos-Soto
Bulletin of mathematical biology 80 (3), 598-625 (2018)

A risk-based model for predicting the impact of using condoms on the spread of sexually transmitted infections
Asma Azizi, Karen R Ríos-Soto, Anuj Mubayi, James M Hyman
Infectious Disease Modelling 2 (1), 100-112 (2017)



Office: OF-306

Phone: 6302

Position: Professor


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