Faculty: Shramchenko, Alexander

Ph.D., 1980, USSR Academy of Sciences

Research Interests:

Teaching Interests:

Urintsev, Alexander Computer Programs for Doing Automatic Dimensional Analysis with Mathematica and Microsoft Visual Basic. The programmer Analyst Diploma Porject, 74 pp. York College of Information Technologies, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 1999

Urintsev, Alexander Job Hunting Online: A visual Basic Web-aware Multimedia Application for Windows 95/NT The programming Certificate Project, 93 PP. York College of Information Technologies. Tornot, ontario, Canada, December 1998

Urintsev, Alexander Computer Solution of a Nonstationary Viscous Hydrodynamical Problemm with Free Boudnaries. Final Report. Conselho Nacional de Desenvolivimento Cientifico e Tecnologico. Instituto de Ciecnias Matematicas de Sao Carlos, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1996.

Muradian Rudolf, Urintsev, Alexander Diana: A Mathematica Code for Making Dimensional Analysis. Joint Insittute for Nuclear Research. JINR E2-110-94, Dubna, Russia, 1994.

Urintsev, Alexander Interactive Program Tutor to Teach Matehmatica. The MathSource Collection, Wolfram Research Inc., # 0203-757



Office: OF-304

Phone: 5874

Position: Associate Professor


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