Faculty: Steinberg, Lev

1988, Ph.D., Institute for Mathematics and Mechanics of Academy of Sciences, Alma, USSR

Research Interests:
Continuum Mechanics, Mathematical Modelling

Teaching Interests:
Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations

Steinberg, L. Deformation of Micropolar Plates of Moderate Thickness, 2010, International Journal Applied Mathematics and Mechanics V.6, N(17) (pp 1 - 24)

Steinberg, Lev Mesoelastic deformation with strain singularities. Math. Mech. Solids 11 (2006), no. 4, 385–400, 74A20 (74E15 74H99 74L10)

Steinberg, Lev G. Mesoscopic resonance of self-excited defect oscillations. Dynamic systems and applications, Vol. 3 (Atlanta, GA, 1999), 569–575, Dynamic, Atlanta, GA, 2001

Steinberg, Lev G. Inverse spectral problems for thermoelastic cylinders and bars. Proceedings of Dynamic Systems and Applications, Vol. 2 (Atlanta, GA, 1995), 517–522, Dynamic, Atlanta, GA, 1996, 73B30 (34A55 35Q72 73D50)

Steinberg, Lev G. The linearization of inverse spectral problems for nonhomogeneous elastic bodies. Inverse Problems 12 (1996), no. 4, 483–497, 73D50 (35P99 35R30 73B27 73B40)

Steinberg, Lev G. Inverse spectral problems for inhomogeneous elastic cylinders. J. Elasticity 38 (1995), no. 2, 133–151, 73D50 (34A55 34B24)



Office: CH508C

Phone: 5869

Position: Professor


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